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How To Get Gas For $1 Per Gallon With Yo

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How To Get Gas For $1 Per Gallon With Your ZamZuu Buisness!
Right now more than ever the price of gas is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Right now this is what everyone is talking about and what is coming up in more conversations than anything else.
BUT…did you know that as a ZamZuu Home Based Business Owner your gas ‘should’ be only costing you $1 per gallon? Now before you start thinking…“Man, that coach is amazing, what oil company did he cut a deal with?” – let me say that no matter what home-based business you’re in you can make these gas prices work for you and EXPLODE your business like never before because all gimmicks aside, this is real, your gas only has to cost you $1 per gallon!
Here’s how it works:
1) The IRS provides a .58.5 cent tax write off for every mile you drive that is legitimately related to business.
2) People who do not own a business CANNOT qualify for this tax write off.
3) Everywhere you go, whether its work, church, the kid’s soccer game, or just going to the store can be a legitimate mileage tax write off if you insert business into the equation.
This is EASY to do! It can be done by leaving ZamZuu business cards on peoples
windshields, handing people ZamZuu business cards (or “tri-fold”),
or of course doing a presentation.
Note: You must record your business mileage in case you ever get audited and this is
where it typically becomes a sticking point with most people as they do not want to take
the time, can’t take the time or forget. If that’s you here’s what you need to do
immediately: Go to http://www.Xpenser.com (this is a FREE service) and sign up. Now you
can simply call a phone number before, during or even after you’ve driven somewhere
(that was business related) and leave a voice message such “Soccer game handed out
3 business cards – 14 miles” and hang up. This FREE service will convert your
message to text and log our it in an online mileage log for you.4) So here’s the $1 per gallon formula – (working with round numbers)
• $4.00 Per Gallon
• 20 Miles Per Gallon
• .58.5 Cents Per Mile IRS Deduction
• 30% Tax Bracket
Those of you with math brains can do the calculation but the basics are – a 20 miles per
gallon vehicle at $4 per gallon cost .20 cents per mile to drive.
.58 cents per mile IRS deduction x 30% tax bracket is .15 cents in real money you
pocket at the end of the year and when you deduct .15 cents from .20 cents your at .05
cents per mile or $1 per gallon! These are real dollars/savings and real cash in your
pocket at the end of the year.

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Written by Les Heichel

April 9, 2011 at 8:57 pm

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